Canada's Diversity Gardens


The beauty of our country lies in its diversity. And it’s the celebration of this diversity that will define and strengthen us for future generations. This is the vision behind Canada’s Diversity Gardens.

Canada's Diversity Gardens is the final major phase of the redevelopment campaign to revitalize and rejuvenate Assiniboine Park.

Plants are essential to life. Throughout history, the availability of plants for food, medicine, and the necessities of life have shaped cultures around the world. They are the one true global common denominator across all cultures and all time, and they unite us all as Manitobans and as Canadians. Using plants as the medium, Canada’s Diversity Gardens will tell the cultural story of the relationships that exist between people and plant life.

Throughout the four cornerstones - The Leaf, The Indigenous Peoples Garden, The Cultural Mosaic Gardens, and The Grove - an exploration of the human connection with plants and nature will showcase our nation’s extraordinary multicultural heritage. Visitors will discover the role plants have in shaping the life and identity of their community and their country – past, present and future.

Interpretive themes explored throughout Canada's Diversity Gardens include: food and drink, health and well-being, beauty and expression, spirituality and consciousness, and sustainability and conservation.

Construction of The Leaf and outdoor gardens is expected to be complete in late 2021. An opening date will be determined closer to that time.

Project Team

Architecture 49 - Primary Architect
KPMB Architects - Design Architect
HTFC Planning and Design - Project Landscape Architect
Lord Cultural Resources - Interpretation and Visitor Experience Consultant

Architectural renderings prepared by Adrian Phiffer.


  • Daytime view of The Leaf and exterior gardens
  • Nighttime view of The Leaf and exterior gardens
  • The Leaf interior, lobby
  • The Leaf interior, Tropical Biome
  • The Leaf interior, Babs Asper Display House
  • The Leaf interior, Butterfly House
  • The Leaf interior, classroom
  • seasonal garden
  • The Leaf interior, Mediterranean Biome
  • performance sensory garden
  • kitchen garden
  • Butterfly Canopy Walk

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