Featured Plant

White Spruce

White spruce trees are common in Manitoba and throughout Canada, growing in forested regions across the country with the exception of the Pacific coast. The white spruce can be found growing as far north as along the arctic tree line. They are also commonly used as Christmas trees this time of year!

Although spruce trees can be difficult to tell apart, try to identify white spruce trees by their blue-green needles with white lines, which grow about two centimetres long, and their pinecones, which are slender and cylindrical, light brown, and about 3 – 6 centimetres long. This medium-sized tree normally grows to about 25 metres in height and 60 centimetres in diameter.

White spruce trees can tolerate most soil conditions and moisture levels, and can withstand wind, heat, cold, drought, crowding and some shade, making this resilient tree ideal for our changing weather conditions in Manitoba. However, when young, the white spruce is sensitive to frost damage and should be planted in a protected area. White spruce trees make a tasty meal for wildlife in our province like deer, rabbits, birds, and small rodents.

White spruce trees can currently be found in the Zoo taking part in our Zoo Lights Festival!

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