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Streuber Family Children's Garden

Located in the Nature Playground, the Streuber Family Children's Garden is a bright, whimsical garden inspired by the classic childhood board game of Snakes and Ladders. A tree-lined path leads visitors to a patchwork of raised beds overflowing with flowers and foliage set among a checkerboard grid of pathways. A friendly snake made of woven branches A cheerful band of merry musical frogs silently serenade the sky. Flowerbeds interspersed throughout the playground paint the landscape in a rainbow of vibrant colour.

Abilities Garden

The Abilities Garden at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory is unique in the City of Winnipeg. The garden is designed for those with limited as well as full mobility, with planters that allow visitors in wheelchairs to comfortably view and interact with the garden at eye level. Visitors will also find tactile areas of vegetables and planter gardens. The purpose of the Abilities Garden is to recognize the positive benefits of the interaction between people and plants and to improve cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being. The Abilities Garden has proven to be a valuable location for children's educational programs by introducing children to the art and science of gardening. One of the most popular activities is the use of the outdoor pizza oven to make handmade pizzas with locally grown and harvested ingredients.

Herb Garden

The Herb Garden, located just south of the Conservatory, was created in 1997 in cooperation with the Herb Society of Manitoba and features a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs in a traditional circular layout. Herb Society volunteers maintain the garden. A walk through the Herb Garden provides visitors with an inspirational, esthetic and sensory space experience, as well as a means to see and learn about herbs.

Garden of Life

The Garden of Life, a cooperative effort with the Transplant Manitoba - Gift of Life Program, is also maintained by dedicated volunteers, and was created in 1998. This beautiful garden is located out in front of the Conservatory. The Garden of Life is filled with approximately 3000 flowers that depict the shape, colour or care of the vital organs used in human transplantation. The Garden is very special because it honours the many unsung heroes who gave the gift of life, hope and happiness through organ donation. It is a tribute to living related and unrelated donors, organ and tissue donors and their families.

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  • Streuber Family Children's Garden
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